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Topic: Hello - Just joined

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    Hello - Just joined

    Hello folks.

    Just joined the forum in earnest (did some lurking for a while). I have been very impressed by the posts and the music you members make!

    Quite a good group, and I am glad to be here.

    Quick Bio: Played in a Chicago 'Beatles Era' garage band in the 60s (keyboards... Farfisa organ!). Started performing in clubs and coffeehouses in college (guitar and solo vocals, singer/songwriter in Chicago/upper Midwest through 70s and 80s).

    Day job as a journalist, then back to school in computer science for masters degree. Ran an advanced tech group for about 10 years, then started consulting. Been doing that since '96.

    First sampler synth in 1985 (the Ensoniq) formed core of my midi studio. Now a Sonar/Kurzweil/Garritan setup with a homebuilt Windows DAW. Did some radio/TV music on the side.

    Anyway, I hope to learn a lot here....and have some interesting discussions.

    From what I see already there is a WEALTH of talent on this discussion forum!

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome Glenn, let us know if there is anything you need help with - we're always around.
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    Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome Glenn!
    I am happy to be one of the first to welcome you here,
    most important Have fun!


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    Smile Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome Glenn!

    Glad to have you!
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome Glenn! Hope you will like it here. This is one of the best forum around!
    The sampler you had in the 80's, was that the Mirage?

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Smile Re: Hello - Just joined

    Hello Glenn. Welcome to the forum.


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    Smile Re: Hello - Just joined

    Quote Originally Posted by Worra
    Welcome Glenn! Hope you will like it here. This is one of the best forum around!
    The sampler you had in the 80's, was that the Mirage?

    Yes... it was the Mirage! It was that technology that made me drop the guitar (which I am very good at and was known for in my playing in coffeehouses and clubs) and go to keyboards exclusively.

    I still have the Mirage, though I don't use it. It's just in storage until I can sell it at a huge price once it becomes a "collectable"!

    I have my trusty Kurzweil K2000, a wavestation, GPO, GigaStudio (which I no longer use), and I'll be picking up the Kompakt player to replace Gigastudio.

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Hello - Just joined

    Hi Glenn.

    My first synth was the Ensoniq ESQ1. Its fantastic 8 track sequencer (count 'em!) inspired me to delve deeper into music technology. Before that I was recording everything onto a Tascam 4-track and bouncing, bouncing, bouncing...

    Then I discovered the sequencer. (Hark. The angels sing.)



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    Talking Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome again Glenn

    Yeah great bunch of guys here!!

    Every level of knowledge and talent. Lot's of passion and lot's of opinions, and sometimes the discussions get more heated than a scotch bonnet chili pepper!!

    But on the whole, its kind of like a family in a way. We all get along ( for the most part) and there's lots of support here. And the occasional cat fight.

    The developers who actually show up here and are accountable to their clientele are really great!!! its done in such a personal way that I think its really turning the industry on its ear. There is simply NO substitute. They all seem to be really dedicated and committed to excellence.

    You'll enjoy it here. Good folks!

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    Re: Hello - Just joined

    Welcome aboard!
    I had a lot of fun with the Mirage. What is it about the D/A converters on old sampling gear that makes them sound so good and punchy? Simply downsampling doesn't work...

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