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Topic: Import/Convert of Garritan

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    Import/Convert of Garritan


    I´m using Kontakt. Does anyone has experiences or tips how the Garritan Orchestra Samples are running on Kontakt.
    Maybe, how Kontakt converts the programms or if Kontakt is possible to play the Garritan Library the same way the GIGA does ?

    I would be glad hearing reactions !

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    Re: Import/Convert of Garritan

    I did not want to reply because I don\'t really know much, but since no one else has jumped in yet...

    I have GOS which I use with Gigastudio. As for Kontakt, I only have the demo and I don\'t know much about using it yet. It is not the new version with direct from disk. However, it does display the Gig libraries and it does load them, including GOS instruments. It loads very slow compared to Gig, but I imagine that is because I have the older version. These files are not converted or anything. Another thing I like about Kontakt is that it will run to the ASIO output of my SoundBlaster Audigy 2, which Gig will not do - it only runs to my Terratec (GSIF) card.

    So far I have not been able to run Kontakt with Finale because I apparently need to install midiyoke as a bridge between the two, which is a disadvantage. I am a bit nervous about installing midiyoke because you apparently have to mess with the operating system, which I am not comfortable doing.

    But the instruments I loaded into Kontakt do sound good, and I imagine all the negatives I have seen can be circumvented by the DFD version and installing midiyoke, so I for one am going to give it a try.

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    Re: Import/Convert of Garritan

    Delneroni, instead of miodiyoke give a try to maple midi tools. They´re free and work perfectly.

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