Many of you probably have higher-fi ways to do this, but I just made a sound-effects discovery. For those of you into concocting SFX, read on.

I loaded the TTS-1 Dxi into SONAR (Any little synth will do, I guess). I pulled up a "noise" instrument, like bubbles, stream, applause etc. I entered about 40 notes, spanning the range of the patch. I used the scrub tool to play this combination of sounds in real-time with varying duration ( they always have a downward pitch movement, as the highest notes have faster attack times). The result: Different star-wars type lazer effects, depending on patch used and duration. Machine-gun effect on top by using tremolo. One could capture a variety of them to wav, and import to sampler, if one chose to....

Fun times! Keep in mind for your next cheesy sci-fi job!

Hope you like,