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Topic: M-AUDIO Delta 2496 and Gigapiano

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    M-AUDIO Delta 2496 and Gigapiano


    I have one problem regarding Gigasampler and Gigapiano sample. All other samples works fine without pops and clicks.

    Gigasampler 1.6 LE (Maximum Tools package) is installed on ASUS P4 1500 Mhz, IBM 40 Gb ULTRA/ATA 7200 rpm and 640 Mb of RAMBUS RAM. Soundcard is M-AUDIO 2496. Operating system is Windows 98 SE. M-Audio 2496 works as audio output (analog) and MIDI input. I installed drivers that came with soundcard but I am not sure whether GSIF driver is installed as default interface to Gigasampler because there is no way to check that.

    When I play Gigapiano (installed on clean defragmented drive) I hear lots of click and pops and strange loops at the end of some samples (sometimes loud, sometimes quiet). Situation repeats completely random and I can not predict when this clicks and pops will appear again. This problem occurs only when pedal is down but not always.

    According to specification for optimal computer configuration my configuration is more than optimal. M-AUDIO 2496 is GSIF compatible thus good for Gigasampler. There is 640 Mb installed in computer but Gigasampler use only fraction of that memeory. Why? Is there any way to allocate more memory to Gigasampler. When I play there is lots of hard disk activity. I suppose it would be much better if Gigapiano sample would be loaded into main memory.

    I suspected on latency problem. I tried all latency variables available in M-AUDIO control panel but that not changes anything. Then I tried to change overall attenuation from 0 db to –14 db (clipping) but I got same result.

    Before GS I installed Unity piano but it works very very strange. I uninstalled it but under Contorl Panel/Multimedia/Devices/MIDI Devices and instruments Unity DS-1:A is still present.

    Please, if anybody meet this kind of problem, let me know.



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    Re: M-AUDIO Delta 2496 and Gigapiano


    see my reply

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    Re: M-AUDIO Delta 2496 and Gigapiano

    Hello Igor,

    GigaPiano is a fairly demanding instrument. Since your other samples play back all right it is probably a disk streaming issue. You should use a dedicated hard drive for the gig samples on the secondary IDE master channel.

    Be sure to get the latest GSIF driver from midiman.com on the Support->Drivers page.


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