Here's a question for all you PC music guys - I'm a Mac user (Protools , etc.) and I've just become the new owner of an older PC that was used to run Gigasampler and a few other music apps. I'd like to use this to run some cool PC music software to feed some unique sounds into my existing system, and just wondered what you'd suggest? It's a pretty decent 'turnkey' system, albeit an old one: it's got a Pentium II 866mz processor running Windows 98, 512 ram, 2 hard drives (20 gig and 60 gig) and a WAMI 24 rack audio and Midi box with pci card for all the I's and O's and MIDI.
You might have seen my post earlier trying to get the Gigasampler on the system to work - I haven't been able to, but that may be OK - I'm planning to get the new MachFive sampler (for my Mac) when V2 comes out, and I can use all the Giga sounds on that. So I could use this PC for whatever software mihght be fun to have as a soundsource for my system. I love interesting software, synths, sound design, as opposed to midi sequencers or DAW's (I already have the protools rig). What interesting software would you suggest for a PC newbie, given the limitations of my older system? Thanks! Tim Story