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Topic: Gigasampler and Motu 828 firewire

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    Gigasampler and Motu 828 firewire

    Even though the list of compatible mutli systems shows my Motu 828 firewire as compatible, I cannot for the life of me get giga to list it in the wave output driver menu(config/output). Anyone out there know what could be the problem? Appreciate any advice(tech support doesn\'t return my e-mails).
    Michael \"GP\" Scott

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    Re: Gigasampler and Motu 828 firewire

    I beleive I just found the answer to my question.
    \"GSIF Update:The MOTU 828 now supports GSIF versions 2.2 and later. At this time Nemesys GigaXXX products are only available for Windows 98Se and Windows Me.\"
    So 1.64 version I have doesn\'t recognize the gsif drivers....oh well.
    I beleive I would have to upgrade to 2.2 in order to dl the 2.5beta and try in XP, correct?

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