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Topic: Gigastudio Did Not Start Properly!!!

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    Question Gigastudio Did Not Start Properly!!!


    I keep getting this message!

    Gigastudio Did Not Start Properly Do you want to run in diagnostic mode If I say yes and run diagnostic mode it still comes up.... or if I dont run diagnostic mode This happens every time on boot
    Any suggestions would help thanks!
    I use Gigastudio 3.01 Orchestra P4 3.0 ghz 1gb Ram 250gb Drives

    Best Wishes
    Last edited by vivjon; 09-08-2005 at 03:38 AM. Reason: 3.01 not stated

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    Re: Gigastudio Did Not Start Properly!!!

    Did GS ran OK before, or this is after a new install?
    If it is a new install and after a successful registration, I would re-install with a GS clean-up. Make sure you do not have Norton or Outlook on your machine, and follow the instructions to set up your machine to the letter.
    If it worked before, and this just came up out of the blue, look what you installed recently,get rid of it and try again. Make sure you have your registration-licence file then clean-reinstall.

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