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Topic: Who Is Responsible?

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    Who Is Responsible?

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    Re: Who Is Responsible?

    2001 FEMA report: two of the three most likely disasters in the U.S.:

    1. A terrorist attack on NY.

    2. A hurricane wiping out NO.


    1. Ignored pointed warnings from the CIA and other sources that Bin Laden was going to strike. Spent time leading up to the attack on an extended vacation.

    2. Cut funding for levee repair to help fund Iraq war, ignored warnings that the levees would break in the event of a hurricane. Spent time leading up to and AFTER the disaster on an extended vacation.

    This isn't spin. This isn't liberal rage. This is American rage.
    Robert Gregory Browne
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    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
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