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Topic: GPO Flute used in Live Jazz (All Blues)

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    GPO Flute used in Live Jazz (All Blues)

    Hey gang...long time no postey.

    I've been gigging a lot lately and some of them have been jazz gigs (or at least jazz for the first set).

    I gig with my laptop (with Sonar running just for the virtual instruments) and I have one of the GPO flutes set up on a track to use for melodies and solos and what not. I can't remember exactly which GPO flute it is, but I can look it up if you're interested.

    You can hear me use it in the song "All Blues" at the following link:


    It's not the most virtuoso solo, and towards the end I got a little carried away and made the flute do some very UN-flute-like things (especially the whole-step bend...ewwww). The flute solo starts around 2:56.

    What I love about the settings in GPO is that if the flute is set to monophonic, then when you blur a bunch of notes together, it cuts them off as though a flute player is tonguing them which is cool. Plus I love the expressiveness and overall brightness of the flute. Really adds to jazz stuff.

    The Electric piano is the Retro-Rhodes from the Roland Super Quartet (I LOVE that Rhodes..very Dyno-My-Rhodes-like and VERY expressive). The Roland Super Quartet is pretty cool for basses and e-pianos.

    The guitar is my buddy Doug Rice. This gig was last weekend at a gorgeous winery for a wedding reception. The bass is his Variax Acoustic 700 in bass mode and then he looped the bass part with his looper (since we haven't had time to create a bonafide bass/drums track for this yet).

    Anyway..thought I'd share that with y'all.
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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    Re: GPO Flute used in Live Jazz (All Blues)

    I can dig it.

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    Re: GPO Flute used in Live Jazz (All Blues)

    Sounds good, Kevin. Thanks for posting this!

    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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