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Topic: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

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    Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    I'm a MAC user, and recently bought a used pc system (its a pentium 3 866mz) with Giga sampler (it must be version 1.something), but I've been having trouble already: The pc powers up, the Windows 98 screen appears for just a second, then comes to a screen that asks to pick a configuration: Windows 98, Giga, or 'None of the above'. No matter which option I pick, the monitor goes dark with just a blinking curser (it's more like a blinking 'underline' (_) character) in the top left corner, then the monitor goes black, and the PC shuts down, and I can't do anything further. If I press "delete' just as it's powering up, I can enter the 'setup' mode and scroll thru options, but I'm not sure if changing anything here would help. It seems like a boot problem of some sort. I bought a boot/utilities cd, and the 2 hard drives seem to check out fine... Any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm pc illiterate, but if you have any ideas, I'd be very thankful.

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Sorry that you got dropped in the deep end with your first PC experience. :-( Yes, it does sound like you have a boot problem. I have one idea, though I don't know whether this will help in your situation, and if it doesn't my strong advice is to contact a reliable computer service place in the area as soon as possible and let them start sorting this out for you. Anyway, when the computer is starting up, keep hitting F8 repeatedly and see whether it brings up a different configuration screen than the "Windows 98, Giga..." one you mentioned. If it doesn't, select one of the choices and start hitting F8 again. If that doesn't work, try the process over from the begining, except instead of hitting F8 repeatedly, just press and hold both the CTRL buttons at the same points.

    I've specced out probably around 10 PCs over the years, dealt with just about every, software crash or hardware failuire you can imagine and I can tell you that if you make an even halfway decent salary doing something other than computer repair, you'll probably be happier avoiding taking care of these kinds of things. They are a huge drain on time and energy.

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Hi Per, Thanks for the great advice, can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I used the 'f8' to get to a 'safe startup' (which I guess is kinda like the 'all extensions off' boot in MAC), and Windows 98 started up! I was able to view everything on the desktop, check out the system specs, pci cards, etc. A little popup warning screen mentioned if I was having trouble running Windows, that it might be a hardware issue, and that I could update the Control Panel. So I guess my next challenge is to figure out what is creating the bootup issue that's preventing me from starting up either Windows or the Gigasampler (which appears to be Version 1.6). Any advice for this next step? Thanks so much for your help, even if I don't get any further than this! Tim

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    An update: I'm getting closer! I disabled all the networking in the device manager, and I can now boot up Windows normally (not in SAFE MODE)! The last hurdle: I can't seem to get the Gigasampler program to run . Even when I select Giga configuration at startup (and it says I've reconfigured successfully), when I try to start the program, I get an error message that a 'device is not functioning', and then "GSDLL.DLL file is missing export blah, blah..." Is my 'nonfunctioning device' my WAMI 24 audio/MIDI box/card, or is it a piece of Windows software, or a driver or? Anyway to troubleshoot from this point? Thanks again for all help!!!

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Yes, your soundcard is probably not working. Go to the control panel and then the device manager. You will see a list of devices. Any device highlighted with a red X is disabled. Any device with a bang (!) is not working.

    You will want to get the latest W98 driver for any non-functioning device, and follow the uninstall/install directions.


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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Thanks much, Jon. I updated the driver, and the device manager says the WAMI24 is working properly (and I'm even getting the PC sounds out of the WAMI outs now), but I still get the above errors when I try to launch Gigasampler (a 'device is not functioning', and then "GSDLL.DLL file is missing export blah, blah...") Could my 'nonfunctioning device' be anything besides the WAMI 24 audio/MIDI box/card? Hmmm

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Do you see any other problems in the device manager?


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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    I just checked everything in the device manager - all is 'working properly' except: under SYSTEM DEVICES - PROCESSOR SUPPORT the "NTKERN.VXD device loader could not load the device driver: and under NETWORK ADAPTERS, the NDIS.VXD also "could not load the device driver". Do I need these , and if so can I just get them from the Windows 98 install cd, or maybe online?

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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    You can probably get the drivers online. Check the make and model number of your network card or motherboard. (Back then, mobos rarely included networking. It's more likely a 3rd party card.)

    Even easier: if you're not networking the box, yank the networking card out of the system.

    You might also get the latest driver for your video card. A faulty video card driver makes Giga realy unhappy.


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    Re: Gigasampler newbie, boot/windows probs!

    Great idea about yanking the network card, I've done that, and reinstalled the latest driver for the video card, but I'm still not able to start up Giga, still getting the same errors. Hmmm...

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