Hi guys,

Sorry for the OT post but I thought I would pass along a valuable link to whose input I value so much about an organization's that has done so much for so many called the Men's Art Forum. (www.mensartforum.org)

The Men's Art Forum is a Non Profit Organization for men, based in Chicago and co-founded and facilitated by Emmy Award-winning percussionist and keyboard player Andy Mitran. The Men's Art forum has done more for the creative community of men as an NPO than any other organization that I know of.

That being said, I am letting you all know that there is a total immersion weekend retreat taking place the weekend of the Sept 16-18th to address the journey of accessing the creative soul in all of us.

I would never have the nerve to post such a notice if I didn't have first hand knowledge of the organization as well as the Andy Mitran himself.

For those of us who struggle with the issue of "authorizing" our creativity, The Men's Art Forum is a fellowship that exists solely to address and cultivate the issues of helping us along in our journey of unlocking our artisic potential so that we can do what we love to do most..... write great music.

Though there are artists of all types in the community at the Men's Art Forum, (writers, painters, authors, etc.) there are plenty of people who are professional and non-professional musicians, and as I mentioned, Andy himself is an incredibly gifted individual with a solid foundation and understanding of commercial music, the music industry and the needs of artists who are in the music community.

Andy recently concluded his 14th season as music director and onscreen character "Professor Andy" on WGN-TV's Bozo Super Sunday Show. He is a veteran composer, producer, drummer keyboard player, percussionist and drum circle leader. He is the co-producer and composer of the highly acclaimed album "Two Trees".

MITRAN MITRAN MUSIC is in its fifteenth year of commercial music production in Chicago. They compose, produce and arrange music for advertising, film, documentary, interactive media, corporate use and children's video. Their studio is equipped for post scoring and sound design as well. Their clients include: Ford, Sunbeam, Kraft, The History Channel ,Royal Caribbean Cruiselines, and CBS Sportsline.

So, the retreat is open to men of ALL levels and art forms. I can't recommend this organization strongly enough. If you would like to go on the retreat or simply be part of the Men's Art Forum community, you are invited to do so.

I hope some of you find your way to this incredible outlet for creatives and avail yourself of the opportunity that this retreat will have to offer.