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Topic: Intel mobo...... suggestions

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    Intel mobo...... suggestions

    I need an Intel based mobo that will support a PIII based system. The mobo needs to accept at least 1Gig of RAM. I\'ve been very happy with the ASUS CUSL-2 - but I need more than 512MB of RAM. Can anyone suggest a mobo that is working solidly for them? TIA

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    Re: Intel mobo...... suggestions

    this is just what I was going to post!

    I have the -same- exactly -same- situation. Anyone suggesting a good mobo?

    I thought ABIT VH6T to be good for our PIII, what do you think?

    thankz a lot

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    Re: Intel mobo...... suggestions

    There is no currently made motherboard for the PIII that uses an Intel chipset and allows more than 512MB of ram. You could look for an older BX chipset based board or you can go with a VIA or SiS chipset based motherboard. I like the SiS based motherboards a lot more than VIA -- less hardware conflicts and bugs.

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    Re: Intel mobo...... suggestions

    I\'ve got an Asus CUBX with PIII800. Just put 4x256 modules into it and everything is working fine.

    The only problem I had was that, initially, I tried to use just 2x512 modules, and the board would only recognise them as a single 256. After RTFM I realised that that board can\'t see a single memory card as having more than 256, so 4 slots each with 256 gave me 1gb (and maxed the board out).

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