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Topic: SONAR 5 Already?

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    Talking SONAR 5 Already?

    Maybe I'm just getting old and time is flying...
    64bit and a convolution box - among other stuff...
    I was waiting on pins and needles for Sonar 4.4...

    And shipping THIS month!
    Those Cakewalk dudes don't mess around!


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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    many times i think Sonar and Logic are secret partners. the feature set is so darn similar.
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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    One of the few things I miss about Windows was using Sonar. I really enjoyed that app. It's great to see it growing how it is. Couldn't help but notice the new covo reverb too! *Very* cool.

    I am now on SX, but had Logic Pro for awhile and enjoyed Space Designer for the time I had it. Here's to hoping that Steinberg gets on the "convo included" bandwagon!

    Anyways, back to Sonar...

    Best, Tweed

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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?


    I'm there!

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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    Yeah, I hear you. I just upgraded to 4 from 2 a couple of months ago....

    I'll probably wait till 6 is out in December .


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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    Gotta like the midi editing in track view...I always look forward to their upgrades, it's never just a "couple things here and there" it's always huge overhaul for the better.
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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    After using PT for 10 years, I now use Sonar and Vegas. I guess that's a small real world example of how the PT user feels/felt?!
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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    I wonder how long before products like Sonar 5 start giving PT a serious run for the money. When you think about it, Digidesign has boxed themselves into a weird position. They have to keep their native software crippled, and track restricted so they can sell their vastly more expensive HD hardware. Digidesign also needs to keep their GUI somewhat crippled so that their expensive (and highly profitable) control surfaces are a necessity.

    Lee Blaske
    I completely agree, I think they're already hurting protools, mostly because of what you said. Many pros are switching to Sonar. It's become just so feature rich, and most of all, you can use whatever hardware YOU want to use.

    A good example of where it's going is Sonar 4 Producer just won "Best Recording Software" award at the 2005 MIPA awards (Musikmesse Awards)

    Protools is marketed very well and owned by the HUGE Avid company, but as you said they are becoming quite limited in comparison to programs like Sonar and Logic.
    "The biggest risk of all , is never taking a risk"

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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    man I never upgraded to sonar 4 and now 5 LOL...when I get the email I checked out the upgrade price and it's the same. Guess sometime I'll have to go to five.
    still using Sonar Producer 3
    Crazy 64 bit coming...
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: SONAR 5 Already?

    GREAT! I hope Kontakt 64 comes out soon as well
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