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Topic: Kontakt1.5.3 +Logic7.1-MultiMode Prob

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    Kontakt1.5.3 +Logic7.1-MultiMode Prob

    Been trying to use Kontakt 1.5.3 as a multi channel inst. in Logic 7.1
    I route the individual instruments to the Aux outputs I created. They play thru discretely as I trigger them from keyboard. But as soon as I engage sequencer to play programmed groove, all sounds revert to outputs 1&2, not their separately assigned outputs. As I try poking around to find out what happened, I lose my core driver and then crash.
    Anyone have it working on similar setup?

    G5 2.5 OS 10.4.2
    4.5 gigs ram
    Logic 7.1
    Motu 828Mk2 ver1.2.5
    Digi HD3 accel PT6.9.2cs2


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    Re: Kontakt1.5.3 +Logic7.1-MultiMode Prob

    Do you have more than one Kontakt plug in loaded?

    I found a bug of sorts with Kontakt,
    You can't have both multichannel and stereo versions in the same song with Logic 7.

    If you have a multi channel version loaded and then you load a stereo,
    The multi channel one will only output to 1-2

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    Re: Kontakt1.5.3 +Logic7.1-MultiMode Prob

    Thanks MArty,
    Actually, no other Kontakts, but an RMX. I'll remove and give it a try.

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    Re: Kontakt1.5.3 +Logic7.1-MultiMode Prob

    Well, what did the trick was to delete EVERY "com.kontakt" file from the preferences folder AND to not use a stereo instance of Kontakt while using a multi instance.
    Thanks for getting me on the right track.


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