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Topic: Windows Updates

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    Windows Updates

    What's the general consensus here .....is it safe to install all the Windows critical updates, or are they likely to cause problems in GS3?
    I have SP2 installed, but have been reluctant to use the Windows updates....

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    Re: Windows Updates

    I spent weeks getting Giga 3.1 running solid. Since the Windows updates are mostly security-related and my studio computers aren't on the Internet, I see no reason to update.

    On the other hand, if your computers are online, I guess I would probably do the updates and hope for the best-

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    Re: Windows Updates

    For those who might be interested , I just did all the windows critical updates (all 30 of them!)
    GS3 is still working as before :-)

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    Re: Windows Updates

    Why not image the drive in a working state? Then if the updates hose something, you can roll back in a few minutes. It's amazing how few people who rely on their PCs do this.

    - G

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    Re: Windows Updates

    You can blow most of them off if you aren't using Outlook Distress and Internet Destroyer.

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    Re: Windows Updates

    A few comments regarding Windows updates:

    • Windows XP SP2 may not handle Firewire devices properly. I could not get MOTU 828mkII to work under SP2.
    • Sometimes you may not be able to see something is wrong after the update until after weeks or a month. By that time you may not have the proper copy of you system or you may have to reinstall everything in between.
    • Sometimes you may end up with less memory after updates because some services may grow in size. If you don't run some services some updates may not be necessary at all. They just take your disk space and make it more likely for disk fragmentation.

    If you decide you want updates, try to understand what every patch does and if you find it useful for your system do it. Otherwise, forget about it.

    For music/audio systems it is more important to defragment disk drives on a regular basis than to perform Windows updates.


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