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Topic: Newbie using Cubasis with GPO

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    Newbie using Cubasis with GPO

    Hello, I've been composing for the last 4 years of my life and plan on pursuing a career in musical composition in the future. A few months ago, I bought Garritan Personal Orchestra, I have only Finale 2003 so I could only set the notes and dynamic settings, but not crescendos or decrescendos. I am trying to use Cubasis that was bundled with GPO to put those in but I am having a lot of difficulty doing so... I've looked at tutorials and the help files , but I still have no idea how to put crescendos into my songs, with or without Cubasis. Also, I have problems with certain instruments cutting out or getting extremely soft in the middle of playing the song in Cubasis... I'm getting a little frustrated so I ask for help from you guys... Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Newbie using Cubasis with GPO


    I remember having the same problem with Cubasis. The only solution I found was to have constantly changing modulation data, even just a little. I found that if the MW data was the same for a couple of notes, the instrument simply cut out to zero until it receives the next MW data. Very frustrating. I know. But I've since changed to Cubase, so I don't have any more of that.

    I'm a Sibelius user and there's a plug-in that takes care of it, so I'm not sure how you would do crec. or decrec. in terms of CC1 in Finale. Have you checked the tutorials on garritan.com ? I'm sure Finale has a simmilar plug-in.

    I hope someone will help you soon.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Newbie using Cubasis with GPO

    Thanks, I'm glad to know that the problem with Cubasis isn't just my computer...

    Unfortunately, I think all the tutorials are for more recent versions of Finale and not 2003, so it looks like I am gonna have to work up some $$$ and buy a new program.

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