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Topic: New music with platinum !

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    New music with platinum stage and surround !


    The surround microphone is a great addition IMO. I'm sure that some people here wonders for what reason they would use it. I put two versions of a small study that I made. The first is on stage only and the next is a mix of stage and surround mic. I thought sourround version better, but what's your opinion ?

    Lula's mind - stage

    Lula's mind - stage + surround


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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Another great composition and use of the library. Actually it was your first compositions that convinced me to take the leap with Gold more than anything else I heard, especially with what your were able to accomplish with Silver. Excellent!


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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Yes surround really comes to life...

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Thanks Chris !

    Ironically, the better thing with silver is that you don't need to deal with the release trail. The sound is less powerful but you can get a great precision to make a draft. It is possible to load all sounds that you need without restriction.

    IMO, the gold and mostly platinum sound much better for a final project rendering!

    Other reactions ?

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Hi Bernard,
    Just a quick question: are you running Platinum on more than one machine?

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Two computers were needed on real time playing.

    No more comments about comparison

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    Actually listening about a dozen times the stage mic only version has more bite but the surround sounds more like I'm sitting about 2/3rds back in the Concertgebouw listening live...if this is any help (and I have been in the Concertgebouw many times)

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    When the surround samples are used the brass section comes to life, it becomes more sonorous and less farty!!!

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    Re: New music with platinum !

    that's true !

    With close mics the brass ( especially the horns ) really sound ... "beeerrkkkk"
    horribly synthetic. With surround the strings and brass are greatly enhanced

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