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Topic: cleaning audio tracks

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    cleaning audio tracks

    Let's suppose someone were to record some tracks and get some noise on them. This is a steady noise. Some sort of digital garbage that goes through the entire file. Is it possible to sample the problem noise and eleminate it from the audio file? (OS X)

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    Re: cleaning audio tracks


    Soundsoap Pro

    or Waves X-noise (part of Restoration-X - expensive but good)

    or Arboretum's Ionizer, and I think they have a lower-end version.

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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    Soundtrack Pro also has a de-noiser that a lot of people are very excited about.

    The whole app is $299 (less if you qualify for educational diiscounts)
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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    That denoiser is also the one in Logic Pro, I believe.

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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    Just a quick vote for for bang/buck on SoundSoap. I paid the high cost for Waves Restoration package and still get more consistent and better results from SoundSoap than Waves (not the pro version). Not to say that the Waves isn't great, but if $ is a big deal, SoundSoap might be your ticket.

    PS. This is for both creative and forensic work I get.

    Best, Tweed

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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    The noise reduction plugin in Adobe Audition does a great job. Plus, it is a free 30 day download trial so you could solve your problem for free.
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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    If you have Suondforge 8 there's also the Sony Noise Reduction plug.
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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    There's also Voxengo Denoiser at about $99...

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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    wow, lots of options. I'm going to try the Logic thing first. I didn't realize it had one.... Then I'll start going down the list!!

    Thanks all


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    Re: cleaning audio tracks

    'cleaning audio lab" from Magix. desperately low price for the download version.


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