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Topic: Sample Editing with EXS and autosampler

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    Sample Editing with EXS and autosampler

    I recently started sampling some of my older hardware synths so I could use them as a VI in Logic. AutoSampler seemed to be the way to go. Sure enough it's very efficient and makes doing such a boring task much easier and less boring. But, this has created some new problems for me. Wondering if anyone can shed some light.....

    The first problem is editing the samples once they are set up in Logic. AutoSampler takes care of just about everything I could want, but I really want to adjust some of the release envelopes. After adjusting these in the EXS user interface I can't tell how to save the settings. I've tried the save function in the sample editor itself but it doesn't recall the interface settings. If I do a preset setting I have to pull up not just the sample but also the preset. I know this can be edited because I've bought libraries that have the data already set up. How do they do it?????

    The other issue I'm dealing with is importing into Kontakt. Usually EXS libraries import really well, but for some reason these are not. They sound diffferent than when I play them in EXS. Anybody worked with this and maybe we could discuss it further? If I can get the kontakt imports to work right, then I don't care so much about the EXS editing functions!!


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    Re: Sample Editing with EXS and autosampler

    Hey J,
    long time.
    top right button on exs...options... drop down to "save settings to instrument'

    can't help on the other prob.


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