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Topic: Weird& Quirky instruments?

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    Weird& Quirky instruments?

    Hi... I'm scoring a film where the director wants the instruments to be quirky, unusual and even and toy like (or atleast some of them). So I was wondering if any of you have an idea where to get these (sampled) cheap or free? Any libraries with stuff like that?

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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    Check out these guys:


    Also, Herman's web site has some cool free percussion samples, although they are ethnic in nature, they might qualify for your needs.

    There's another collection called Junkyard Percussion but I think it's just loops.
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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    If this must not be completely sampled from real world sources -- I have had some luck getting quirky by using Spectron by Izotope. Has allowed me to thin and rework Glock to small toy piano and drums to toy timbres with very little work.

    I believe too, the new MOTU SI package has a range of toys in it that are rather good.

    The cheapest way, of course, is a program like Spectron which can process tests in pretty close to real time using samples from your existing instruments. IMHO -- if you have a little time.

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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    These are strange percussive libraries:

    VSL FX Percussion
    Johnny Cage Prepared Piano
    Popeller Islands Prepared Piano

    Best strange sounds:

    Distorted Reality I-II
    Malice in Wonderland

    And there are many useful patches in Absynth, but the very best should be Sculpture in Logic Pro 7.

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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    Awhile back, a musical buddy was in town, and we went by Kmart and grabbed a 2$ back of plastic toy instruments. Lots of fun working those into tracks.

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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?


    Peti is really nice.
    And *everything* from Applied Acoustics is superb!

    If you're looking for samples rather than VIs, Big Fish have some off-the-wall stuff, as do QUpArts.


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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    There's a fantastic gothic music box here and it's a free download too!
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    Re: Weird& Quirky instruments?

    Try Invader at the bottom of this page


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    Not samples but inspiration for odd instruments:

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