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Topic: New Orleans LA - Red Cross Donations

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    New Orleans LA - Red Cross Donations

    Hey guys,

    My wife & CFO reports that it was easier to donate to the Red Cross via the iTunes Music Store, than using the Red Cross' own site.

    We were quickly and easily able to do the donation in moments.

    Apple passes the funds directly and without profit.


    Also, reposting this link to a National Geographic Article from October 2004, which predicts in its opening paragraphs the very scenerio which unfolded last week.


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    Re: New Orleans LA - Red Cross Donations

    There are so many oganizations to donate to--but you can't go wrong giving to the Red Cross.
    I've heard lots of good things about them around here last week, pretty well orgainzed and actually doing things that are helping a great deal. Our town has taken in about 50 folks; and everyday, several locals are making trips to the coast, delivering generators, water, gas, etc.

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    Re: New Orleans LA - Red Cross Donations

    squoze, sounds like you've got your hands full for sure. Hang tough!

    I saw the Red Cross as a major force in after the North Ridge quake in Los Angeles and here in New York after Sept 11th.

    For days this week I contemplated volunteering myself but eventually remembered all the surplus volunteers turned away here in New York after the attack.

    It seems giving money to the professionals and letting them do their thing is the best a concerned citizen can do.

    God bless you and good luck!


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