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Topic: Audio on cd sounds crap

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    Unhappy Audio on cd sounds crap

    Hi Guys

    I work on cubase And nuendo After the song is mixed and is sounding tight
    its time to burn the hot mix on the cd . NOw the Question is it sounds crisp when played on the pc but when burned to make a audio cd it sounds soft and muffled. WHY WHY.

    Whay is the reason.

    things i use

    pc amd

    motu 828 mk2

    cdrom writer

    nero for writing

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    Re: Audio on cd sounds crap

    In order to A/B the sounds you have to make sure that you are playing though the same software, soundcard and speakers. For starters, when you play thorough the PC are you using your MOTU or the PC soundcard? Secondly, if you import the audio from the CD back into Cubase does it sound the same as the original mix, or the same as the CD?


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    Unhappy Re: Audio on cd sounds crap

    hi darly

    thanks for your reply

    yes when i play on my pc it is connected to motu828 mk2

    after burning on the cd i play that cd on my sony deck it sounds soft and muffled not crisp as while mixing

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