Karsten Klemme has just sent in a link for his new work "Distant Thunder".

This is a very unique use of GPO and various other libraries. Distant Thunder is a dialogue between the creator and the soul based on Saint Therese's 'The Little Way'. The contemplative dialog 'Poetic Intercessions' is based on the poetry of Dolores Thompson.

This 33:33 minute spiritual journey brings the listener through the peaks and valleys of a struggling soul.

You can hear a 64kbps "low quality" mono version here:


If you're interested in the CD high quality version, you can contact Karsten at his website - http://www.jonsong.net. Karsten will be posting a full text pdf and word file.

Karsten used Cubase SE and FL Studio 5. In addition to using mainly GPO he also used HALion SE, VSampler 3 , String Theory 1.5, EVM Bassline, Sample Tank2 Free, sfz, and SuperWave P8, Wizoosounds, Prosamples, Precisionsound, SampleFusion, Sonic Implants, and MI7.

Karsten's inspirational work will touch the hearts of many. Thanks Karsten for sharing your music with us.

Gary Garritan