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Topic: 5.1 sound card

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    5.1 sound card

    My computer is not a dedicated DAW, but I often do use it as one. Anyway, long story short I would like a sound card that's good for recording, ASIO, etc., but also has 5.1 surround output.

    Please offer suggestions and comments and the like....

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    Re: 5.1 sound card

    Unfortunately my computer doesn't have a firewire port, my nesxt one will, but it's not coming for a few months. I've considered the Revolution 5.1, but it's a lot like what I use now, which is my sound blaster live with the kx drivers, which work great, considering the sblive card came in a dell i got 8 or 9 years ago. But 10ms latency is too much. So something a little better would be nice. Right now I'm considering an Audigy 2, which is less than $100, which i would obviosly use with the unofficial kx drivers. I think that would be a bit of a risk, but I've heard of people getting <2ms latency with that configuration. And I heard that maybe the only reason for the high latency on my setup is that my computer is set up as an "ACPI" PC instead of a "Standard PC". I don't know much about that, but anyway I want to know if there's any other options.

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