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Topic: 40 sec with new Vitous

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    40 sec with new Vitous


    I realized a 40 sec demo with the new Vitous. Because of the lack of user demos I thought it could have been somehow useful.


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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    I really like it, Lux

    It has this great vibrant sense of urgency to it. Of course, it shows off the sounds very well! Really brings across the sound that I hear as I play with Philharmonik (that's what you mean by the new Vitous, isn't it?) Thanks for sharing it - I know it would have pushed me favorably toward Philharmonik if I had heard it before I entered the group buy

    I'm wondering what host you used to create this. Did you happen to have any trouble with automation disappearing during rendering to audio (unless you were using real-time rendering)? So far in all of my hosts there are major bugs in the engine itself that render it extremely crippled in its workability - mostly the disappearing automation is the problem (but also the lack of response to the standard volume and panning CC's). I'm trying to get a sense of whether or not this happens in all hosts, and any info you feel like sharing will help potential users get a sense of whether not this will be a problem for them.

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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    thanks RellikL,

    at now I didnt experiment problems with panning or volume automation on Sonar 4. I used not much automation on this cue though, some MW patches volume drawings.

    I have to say honestly that all worked really flawlessy, more than I expected. I loaded 40 channels and use many of them simultaneously without any issue on my PIV 3Ghz.

    I'm still early in discovering the lib though, so if I'll encounter some problems I'll let you know.


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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    Thanks for the info

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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    The library sounds good in your hands. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    That sounds great. I'm still learning my way around Miroslav Philharmonik and it's nice to hear what can be done with it.

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    Re: 40 sec with new Vitous

    thanks for the feedback guys!


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