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Topic: Erratic MIDI - GS3+SONAR ReWire

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    Question Erratic MIDI - GS3+SONAR ReWire

    GigaStudio Ensemble 3.1 working fine in standalone mode, as is Cakewalk SONAR 4.03. However, when attempting to use GigaStudio in ReWire mode with SONAR, I get erratic MIDI behavior -- most notes sound, but it's almost like about 30% of the MIDI messages are not getting through (including some MIDI off messages, because I end up with stuck notes).

    The problem is occuring with only GigaPiano loaded on a single channel (no convolution). CPU load looks fine, and the issue is there whether I'm playing back a MIDI track or trying to record from an external controller. SONAR is lightly loaded as well (single MIDI track going to ReWire, single Audio Track coming back from GS3).

    I am using ReWire MIDI Output, not the GS3 midi drivers, and I have disabled all hardware MIDI input in GS3 itself. I have also eliminated any possibility of endless MIDI loops/feedback on the hardware side.

    How can I resolve this issue with GS3 ReWire?

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    Re: Erratic MIDI - GS3+SONAR ReWire


    having the same problems with cubase. About 80% of the notes are sent to gigastudio, but that doens't cut.

    I guess this would say it is not a sequencer problem if it is happening to sonar and cubase users.

    Probably a rewire problem because if I route the midi track that used to be going to gigasudio to a vst instrument such as reaktor, every note is played fine.

    So, I think the problem is rewire or gigastudio, I just cant seem to fix it.


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    Re: Erratic MIDI - GS3+SONAR ReWire

    I had a problem like this using Sonar 2 and Giga 3 in rewire. The problem went away when I adjusted the audio buffers to their lowest numbers. I don't have Sonar installed just now but as I recall it is in the options>audio. There is a # for buffers which I set to 2 and a sliding bar that I set all the way to the left for the fastest setting. Then my problem went away.

    However I never had a problem with stuck notes so your problem may be something different.

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    Re: Erratic MIDI - GS3+SONAR ReWire

    ok- I actually reproduced your problem unintentionally. In my case it happened using two different computers. My sequencing program was on one computer and it was acting as a midi master to my second computer which had giga. The giga card is a gina3 and I was using low latency midi drivers with it. In this situation, I had the same problem that you had. When I switched the gina to the regular midi drivers the problem went away.

    I haven't the foggiest if this applies in any way to your computer.

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