Im sending my giga-daw\'s to my digital mixer(mackie digital 8 bus)via adat lightpipe connections wich works great, but. Is it ok to run Giga in 48khz? because; 99% of my music is for TV, and my \"employers\" need 48khz digital masters. It\'s nice to go digital out of my boards master outs to my dat machine. Will playing samples that were originally recorded at 44.1khz at 48 in giga, effect the quality of the sound as it is converted? It seems to me that if you want be totally pure, you have to play the samples back at the same sample rate in which they were recorded. Would it be better for me to run everything in my studio at 44.1khz 24bit, then at the last stage, send the mix out of my board analog to my dats analog inputs which resamples my whole mix at 48khz? Any advice guys?