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Topic: Drop outs - it's not the hard hisk

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    Drop outs - it\'s not the hard hisk

    When playing instruments via GigaStudio (a Hoontech ADSP24 MKII as output) the samples always crackle (short audio drop outs) when the software has to load waves during first replay of the song (flashing drive light during play = crackling samples). After having played the whole song once, GigaStudio very seldom crackles. BUT no matter if the samples crackle during replay or recording (with audio capture of GigaStudio) - the recorded file does not crackle at all! So it can\'t be my hard disk being too slow, right? logic audio is in memory at the same time to trigger GigaStudio. Could it be the GSIF implementation of the ADSP24 MKII or any software configuration of the audio card?


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    Re: Drop outs - it\'s not the hard hisk

    Hello WIP,

    Check your power management settings. If your hard drives are going to sleep, the first time you try to stream Gigs of them, they are gonna crackle.

    Just a thought,


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    Re: Drop outs - it\'s not the hard hisk

    No it was not the power settings either. It was the Promise Controller on my A7V133. Now that that the gig hd is connected to the normal IDE controller everysthing seems to be fine.
    The promise controller has a worse performance.


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