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Topic: Sync RMX to SONAR's Start/Stop (without an external controller)???

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    Sync RMX to SONAR's Start/Stop (without an external controller)???

    I just picked up Stylus RMX and the Backbeat SAGE Xpander this afternoon...and I've been trying to figure this out since then. Are there any users here that know if you can get SONAR 4PE's transport to start and stop the RMX's transport?

    I've read many of the posts here, and still don't see that anyone has answered or figured this one out yet...unless I missed that post. I don't use any external midi controllers for starting and stopping SONAR's transport, I simply use the computer keyboard shortcut (spacebar) for doing this.

    I mean, I'd like to be able to load up a groove(s) in Stylus, and then hit play on SONAR's transport and have Stylus start playing the groove back automatically in sync with the measures so that I can experiment with how different Stylus grooves sound with audio tracks (that have already been recorded and are in sync with the current tempo) "without" having to drag Stylus' MIDI files into SONAR.

    Does anyone know if SONAR's Start & Stop transport even spits out any kind of MIDI CC that Stylus can make use of somehow?

    I thought it would just be a simple matter of using the MIDI Learn in Stylus, clicking Stylus's Start button, then clicking on SONAR's Start button (and the same for the Stop button), and everything would be linked together between the two...but can this even be done?

    Or am I going to have to go out and buy a dedicated midi controller just to start and stop the two programs together?

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    Re: Sync RMX to SONAR's Start/Stop (without an external controller)???

    MIDI Learn will do it, but Sonar doesn't send MIDI commands from its Start button....so yould need to insert a MIDI CC message at the start of a MIDI track.

    You don't have to use a hardware controller to do this...but it does make it easier.

    Mainly, the RMX play button is designed for auditioning grooves at tempo sync, but not transport sync....that way would be a bummer because RMX would always start on bar 1, instead of where you tell it to begin playing with the MIDI files you drag and drop.

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    Re: Sync RMX to SONAR's Start/Stop (without an external controller)???

    Dont know about Sonar but in Logic i can automate the All Play button using the built in track automation.
    The only odd thing is that i need to insert a stop command first to set the init state for RMX which forces me to start my songs in bar 2.
    And when i reset the song to start from the beginning RMX will sometimes choke and play a bit of the groove during bar one.
    So in the end its much more flexible to drag the midifiles to the arrangewindow.
    Well worth the extra effort!


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