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Topic: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

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    Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer:

    Starting today, September 1st, Overture 4 will be available as a download only purchase. This pre-release special offer will be available for a minimum of 15 days. Depending on the response to this offer we may extend it an additional 15 days. After the pre-release and the boxed version becomes retail ready, the price may increase. This download only purchase option is for the Windows format only.

    We are doing this pre-release because of the high interest in the program and the excitement around it. It is a way for new users to join the Geniesoft community at a tremendous discount and for existing users to take advantage of discounted upgrade rates. We ultimately want to make the program available in its current state to all interested in an affordable manner for a limited time.

    Overture 4 is the only true fully VST capable notation program on the market today. We've spent many hours ensuring that this program is intuative, powerful, and capable. A lot of time has gone into making this program a powerful tool to use with Garritan Personal Orchestra. For instance, all score markings can be made to affect playback. Slurs can be programmed to extend note duration to 105%, automatically send CC64 data, can be made to send velocity changes, and much more.

    We've also worked hard to ensure that the process for Overture SE users switching over to Version 4 is as seamless as possible. Overture 4 reads GPO Studio files and can load them into the VST rack and the GPO Studio Ports used in Overture SE automatically re-route to the VST rack in Overture 4.

    Not to mention the powerful on-score midi editing, humanization options, re-map midi controllers, and so much more.

    For more information about the product and what features set this program apart, please visit the Geniesoft Discussion Forum located at http://www.geniesoft.com/forum

    This is a pre-release, meaning that there are still some MINOR changes to be made before the final version is ready for a boxed release. These changes mostly concern documentation and instrument definition files.

    Purchases can be made online during the pre-release through the Geniesoft web store. After which emails will be sent out to purchasers containing a link to the download file and your registration codes necessary to unlock the software.

    The demo can be downloaded from here:

    The demos limitations are:
    15 day timeout
    No audio file export
    You cannot save changes to the default libraries
    You cannot export midi or extract parts
    Printing is limited to one watermarked page

    The pricing structure for the pre-release is as follows:

    Overture 4 Pre-Release Download Prices

    New Users (a 50% or more discount): $200.00
    Overture SE/Score Writer upgrades (a savings of $50 or more): $150.00
    Finale/Sibelius/Encore crossgrades: $150.00
    Overture 3 upgrades (a savings of $50 or more): $79.00

    Note: All upgrades and crossgrades to Overture 4 will experience a delay in processing due to the need to verify eligibility of your upgrade/crossgrade. We will keep this delay to a minimum, but please be aware that it may take time to verify your upgrade/crossgrade status.

    Overture SE users will need to enter their NI Player Serial Number found inside the manual.

    At such a time when the boxed version is ready, upgrades to the boxed version will be made available to all early buyers. Manuals will also be offered on the site for purchase, these prices to be decided. The projected time frame for the boxed version is 2 to 3 weeks.

    There may also be additional special offers and bundles available in the future. Buyers taking advantage of this pre-release will be able to take advantage of these (should they happen) at no penalty.

    A similar offer will be made to the Mac user community when that version becomes available.

    Support for the short term will be handled throught the Geniesoft forum as well as here.

    To purchase the product, please use this link:


    Overture SE and ScoreWriter users, please use the cross-grade purchase option.

    A readme file is included in the download that contains known issues as well as some documentation for the new features.

    Documentation is scarce right now, but will be revamped and released next week. There is a running FAQ and Video Tutorial thread on the Geniesoft Forum and questions pertaining to functionality will be answered ASAP on our site and the GPO Forum.

    Again, be aware that this is a 'pre-release' and there are still things to iron out, like the documentation, templates for the sample libraries, and refinements to the instrument definitions.

    Geniesoft Support

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    On brief acquaintance, a great programme at great price. Congratulations. With that in the bag, I have a one-stop-shop for notation with expression, so I can now start to look again at what else is indispensible but missing from my palette. I have to say the big missing link now is a decent choir programme at a decent price.

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    Hi Joseph,

    When will the Mac version available? looking for it since a long time

    On mac G 5 2x2,5 Ghz, 2,5 Go RAM

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    I'd say the Mac version is 2 weeks to a month away. We will update everyone when it becomes available and we will also do a similar pre-release discount for it as well.

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    I'm still checking out all the new features, but I have to say that Overture 4 is GREAT! And the customer support at the Geniesoft forum is also top-notch.

    ...thanks for the help JB!


    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    Its been a time helping everyone get started, but we've tried to accomodate both VST users and non-VST users. Of course, when non-VST users turn into VST users, there's some trial and error getting them started.

    We should have a demo ready on Monday.

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    VST is superior to the GPO Studio/Overture SE MIDI setup, isn't it?

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    Its a lot more stable and doesn't have note dropouts which I noticed with GPO Studio and Overture SE. Especially during percussion rolls and things like that.

    Its a no-brainer at this price. Hopefully tomorrow we'll a demo version up.

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    Question Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    joseph, is it possible to get realistic timpani rolls straight from Overture? Is there somekind of script for "messing" up the midi data to get the rolls right?

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    Re: Overture 4 Pre-Release Special Offer

    There is a 'humanization' tool built in that will randomize the velocity, note start and end times, as well as tempo over a selected area (be it just a few notes, an entire track, or you can even humanize the entire score.)

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