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Topic: Big Band Group Buy???

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    Big Band Group Buy???

    Will there be a "Group Buy" for Garritan Jazz Band?? I'm not cheap, just broke.

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    Re: Big Band Group Buy???

    I can't see a Group Buy happening for a long time yet - if at all.

    Richard N.

    Finale 2003 to 2007 ~ Garritan GPO, JABB & Strad ~ Sonar 6PE ~ Kontakt 2 ~ WinXP Home SP2

    Athlon XP 2200 ~ 1.5 Gb RAM ~ M-Audio Sound Card ~ M-Audio 88ES MIDI keyboard ~ Evolution MK-461C

    Bach Strad LT16MG, LT36G, 42B + B&H Sovereign Studio Tenor Trombones ~ Holton 181 Bass Trombone ~ Getzen Bass Trumpet ~ Yamaha TR4335G Trumpet ~ B&H Euphonium

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    Re: Big Band Group Buy???

    I think Gary said something about hog tie him and throw him on an ant heap if he ever thought about doing another Group Buy.

    So I guess the answer is, not right now.

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    Re: Big Band Group Buy???

    The Group Buy concept is a great tool for clearance sales and old models about to be replaced.

    I think discounts for new products are difficult for producers as they need to recoup extensive costs not seen by the buyer.

    Often, to loyal customers and pelple who support the effort with prior purchases the product creator might offer a discount -- at a greater level than those who would be "cross graded" by discount.

    One thing that has dissapeared from cross grading of late - is the requirement to send in the key discs that allowed you to keep both programs active. So, it is no longer a cross grade -- but a "competitive "try me" discount when you do not swap out programs......

    Too often wise and generous men (like Garry) have been burned by demands of unknowing potential customers who look at the product as a commodity rather than a valuable tool.

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    Re: Big Band Group Buy???

    I understand economics is a major factor with many musicians. That's why I priced JABB the way it is. I realized we could have charged much more for the first complete Jazz library available, but we need to recoup an enourmous investment to make this library possible.

    With JABB you are getting over 50 instruments (that's about $5 per instrument). We do offer educational and industry discounts. If price is a hardship you may contact me directly.

    Gary Garritan

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