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Topic: GigaStudio160 on Abit KG7-RAID - help!

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    GigaStudio160 on Abit KG7-RAID - help!

    I have two GigaStudio systems.
    One on a Abit BF6 PIII 700 MHz 374Meg RAM(Soundchaser build)
    The other a recent home build Abit KG7-RAID (two Maxtor 40G as RAID 0) Athlon 1.2G 1Gig RAM.

    PIII 700 is fine

    I am having trouble with Giga Piano on the Athlon 1.2G RAID. On sustained notes, I get multiple attacks while the note is sustaining.
    It\'s like the notes are looping back to the attack portion of the waveform.
    Other samples seem to be OK,but I haven\'t done any real scoring yet.

    Any hints?

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    Re: GigaStudio160 on Abit KG7-RAID - help!

    You may want to install Hubi\'s midi loopback (http://members.magnet.at/hubwin/midi.html) and set the midi in for gigasampler to one of the loopback ports. I had a similar problem and I think it was caused by apps competing for the same midi port. Unfortunately, I\'m not able to verify that right now.

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