I would guess quite a number of GPO users work alone? Perhaps doing everything from creating ideas through to producing a finished recorded product. Some (like Sean's post earlier) are perhaps good at creating lots of melodies, while others may struggle to find good melodies, but given an acorn of an idea can quickly grow an oak tree of a piece.

So is there anyone out there who fancies a bit of collaboration then? I don't know how it would work precisely yet, but if anyone was interested perhaps they could say what they think they are best at doing - we might find there are some complementary skills or even the new Lennon-McCartney out there?

I'll start off - I really enjoy creating new ideas and doing about half the arrangement. I then promptly lose all interest in the piece when it comes to refining it, correcting my mistakes, getting it to sound good, and engineering a final mix. I often wish there was someone out there I could pass these half-done pieces to who would finish them off in exchange for half the royalties (er $0 at the mo in case you were going to volunteer)!

So come on folks - what is your main strength and weakness when it comes to using GPO?