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Topic: Terratec EWS88 and GIGASTUDIO

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    Terratec EWS88 and GIGASTUDIO

    Hi terratec users. Did you have a problem setting the right sampling rate in to Giga? It seems locked at 44.1. Even if you change the Sample rate at 48khz, if you go in the control panel it always shows 44.1. This kind of problem doesn\'t appear runninng Cubase. So it seems to be a terratec driver problem.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Terratec EWS88 and GIGASTUDIO

    I have an EWX 24/96 and didn\'t have that problem. Maybe drivers are different, I\'ve always been using VXD drivers and VXD control panel.

    You may want to try VXD drivers and WDM control panel, it works great too and maybe could solve your problem.

    Let us know,

    btw, I\'m italian like you

    Regards and respects,

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