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Topic: running gigastudio on two machines

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    running gigastudio on two machines

    I often hear people talk about running gigastudio using two computers. What exactly are they talking about and what would be the advantages? Is it a matter of running the program on one machine and storing sample files on another and accessing them via networking? Please explain or describe your set-up if you are using multiple machines.

    Thank you,

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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines

    You could run Giga on one computer and your sequencer on the other or you can run Giga on each computer and have your sequencer run on one of the those computers. More stability in the first set up; more memory (polyphony) available in the second since both computers will load samples.

    a. You can network your computers with a Midi Over Lan and this requires a soundcard in each computer and basic network cards in each computer.

    b. You can use Fx Teleport in which case you need one soundcard only, but I think you need to have much faster network cards (faster than the basic network cards that suffice for Midi over Lan)

    I use MOL across three computers and it is stable.


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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines

    the advantage is that, as powerful as it is, there are limits to what you can accomplish with one instance of gigastudio running if you are doing orchestrated work.
    By spreading the load over 2 or more machines each running a seperate instance of Giga you can load and run a larger array of instruments in real time.


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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines

    Mike, I'm responding to your pm here in case anyone else finds this info helpful.

    It's not a question of getting gigastudio to communicate with another instance of gigastudio.
    Rather, it's a question of getting midi from your sequencer out to each instance of giga, and routing audio back into the sequencer for mixing with your tracks etc, assuming that is how you work.

    I'm guessing your sequencer is running on a pc with giga. Is that correct? And you are thinking of adding a second pc running giga#2?

    I don't work this way, as I use Logic on a Mac. However, I believe your options are:
    1. hardware solution with sound card in box 2, sending midi the old fashioned way via midi interface and midi cables, returning audio via lightpipe or whatever the soundcard supports.
    2. midioverlan, a software solution which allows midi to be sent over ethernet, but you still need soundcard in box 2 as midioverlan does not support audio
    3. fxteleport, software which enables midi and audio over ethernet between pc machines. This would be your cheapest solution as you don't need to buy a midi interface or a sound card for box 2.
    4. finally if you look in the samples section of this forum, a brilliant guy named benno has designed the equivalent of midioverlan as free shareware.

    All of these options will doubtless be mysterious to you but if you do searches here on the forum you'll find tons of info on all options.



    edit...ah, I see Marko has beaten me to it with good info.

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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines - fxteleport

    I am having a lot of trouble with fx teleport and giga teleport. I have 2 computers. One with Nuendo 3 and a sound card (lynx 2) this is going to be the host computer. The other computer has Giga 3 with no sound card. I have both computer on a network with gigaswitch. the network is working good. I am able to send and receive files from one to another computer.
    Fx teleport is not seen the slave computer or the vst on the other computer. Someone told me tha tI need to reinstall giga studio after installing fx teleport fist.

    Anyone have the same setting working? ... I know that I need giga teleport also becuase I have gigastudio in another computer, and I want to use gigasteudio as a vst on nuendo. Is this correct?

    Thanks for you help,

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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines

    FX Teleport defaults to installing (Slave), make sure you change the setting to master before you install on your main system.

    Make sure you run the Gigastudio Config manager and block any FX Teleported VST from being used in Giga. This causes errors and crashes, at least on my PC.

    After a troubling weekend of finding out nForce4 PCI Express motherboards are BAD for audio, I am up and running on a three system network using Teleport and it is working well.

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    Re: running gigastudio on two machines

    I am running on one computer dedicated to Giga and a sequencer. My second comp holds all the important and junky programs one accumulates and it is connected to the Internet.
    I agree that my setup has the disadvantage of limited sample loading, but as yet I never "run out" of room.
    The disadvantage of running on two comps is the connection between the two. I am terrified of having infections from viruses and other garbage contaminating my main comp.
    I use a small (64M) USB drive to transfer downloaded, scanned stuff between the two if necessary.

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