This library brings you a small and a larger Clavichord.

Two instruments were sampled:
Small clavichord after anonymous German instrument dating from c. 1650.

Double and triple-fretted, shortened bass octave. Compass C/E - c3 Double strung in brass. Keys: boxwood and coromandel. Keyfronts covered with embossed parchment.

Large clavichord after Johann Heinrich Silbermann, Strasbourg, dating from 1775

Unfretted 5 octaves, compass FF - f3 Double strung in brass, spun strings in bass octave. Case in cherry or walnut.Keys: Ebony and old ivory-topped pear. Turned and fluted legs. Hinges and escutcheon in brass. A rose of three layers of parchment in the soundboard.

Two demos are available:

PMI CLavichord LARGE

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The clavichords have been sampled with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality.

Beside the plain patches, some special dynamic filtered patches are supplied that allow a more subtle dynamic sound when played soft.

The library comes on one Disk with all sampler formats. GigaStudio 3, Kontakt, EXS24 and Halion3 versions have 24 bits samples. GigaStudio 2 uses 16 bits samples.