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Topic: Listened to the Demos...and....

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    Listened to the Demos...and....

    I hate to be negative about it, but I just don't hear anything special about the brass and sax samples. It still sounds like MIDI. The trumpets, in particular, sound weak and frail. The vibratos on some of the instruments, to my ear, sound like an LFO mixed in with a little detuning.

    Please, I don't mean to be a jerk about it. I know from GPO what an incredible programmer Tom Hopkins is. I also have a world of respect and admiration for Gary Garritan and all of the folks on this forum.

    I'm just a little worried because maybe it is me that isn't hearing it right. Maybe there is something about either the demos or the .mp3 format that is throwing me off. What should I be listening for? What differentiates the GPO Big Band from other software products?

    What am I missing? PLEASE HELP!!!


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    Re: Listened to the Demos...and....

    It's still too early to tell from some of these demos as the sounds are really just riffs out of context (some of them) and are meant to just show ranges and basic stuff. As in most things in life, context is everything - and as we get to hear more "complete" demos things will fall more into place in our ears.

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