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Topic: NI VIs and Mac Intel

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    NI VIs and Mac Intel

    Does anyone know if NI is committed to porting all VIs based on their software to Mac Intel? It occurred to me that a 3rd party VI might get discontinued and NI might not follow through on the support for it. It would be great if they could make a statement of committment to porting all of these. If they don't I might have to consider the risk of being left with an unusable product when I think about picking up more of the 3rd party VIs...


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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    Whats will be the diff. between Mac-IBM and Mac-Intel? Its still PC chip based.

    Isnt the porting compatibily is OS based usually...

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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    No, actually developers need to port their software to be compatible with the new chips and new OS. So it's up to NI to support the new platform and it is somewhat strange that no formal announcement has been made.

    Having said that, I would be seriously surprised if NI doesn't comply with the new OS relatively quickly. As soon as the new Macs will enter the market and this new era will become more concrete, I think you'll see more developers taking on an active role and making formal announcements.

    Right now it's pretty much wait and see with most software houses!
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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    however, the existing APP MAXOSX could run with the rosetta emulation.

    it work fast


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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    I'm not worried about NI getting their current stuff moved to the new platform. It's older stuff from 3rd parties I'm more worried about. For example, will Vapor be ported over even if it gets discontinued? What about the East West sample disc?

    The big problem is that sounds aren't even available from Kontakt if you can't install and authorize the disc. I tried that last time I rebuilt my computer and it didn't work. I had to install the Intakt and Kompakt instruments to get the sounds to load in Kontakt or I would get an error message.

    Rosetta isn't a good solution for plug ins because the host would have to run in emulation mode which would be really bad.


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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    however, the existing APP MAXOSX could run with the rosetta emulation.

    it work fast

    This is true, and it does work (we've run BFD (ppc) in Ableton Live (ppc), both under Rosetta on a developer transition kit machine). However, you can NOT mix and match Rosetta apps and Intel-native plug-ins, or vice versa.. meaning that if you want to run your apps natively on Intel (which you will, performance under Rosetta is not ideal for DAW work), you'll need Intel-native-capable plug-ins.
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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    Native already has all their stuff running optimized for x86
    processors. So actually all they have to do is merge their
    OS-X dependend version with the SSE2/SSE3 optimized
    code for Windows and they are set...

    Possibly a couple of endian-ness issues (Byte-Order in
    Words and DWord is different between PPC & x86).

    I think this should be pretty straigth-forward.

    In the long-run the switch of Apple to Intel will be a good
    thing for software-developers, as they don't need to
    tweak their high-performance optimized code for two
    different processors...


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    Re: NI VIs and Mac Intel

    I think it's a little early to speculate on the impact of the new CPUs.
    Developers can get Intel macs to re-program and test their products.
    I feel the changeover will be pretty painless.

    When I switched over from OS9 to OS X not everything was ready to go.
    It got there eventually.
    Logic no longer supported VST plug ins and I had to give up some plug-ins.

    I think this transition will be less pain than the switch from OS9 to OSX.

    The real question remains:

    How much of a performance increase will Intel based Macs give you?

    If they come out with a dual 3 GHZ model, will it totally kick the ~~~ of the current powermacs?

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