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Topic: Yellow Ribbons

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    Yellow Ribbons

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    I'm not sure of the source of this, it arrived in my email this afternoon. If you know the source please let us know so appropriate credit can be given. There is definitely some strong language and brutal logic . I'm sure this will spark some frank discussion, but I hope we can keep it civil. I guess the real question in all this is how far does the interest of the USA extend and does might make right when that conflicts with an indigenous population?


    ==================== forwarded message =============================
    It's getting a bit tiresome seeing one misguided American after another with
    their cutsie little yellow or red-white-blue ribbons on their outsized SUVs.
    Yeah, I guess it's the thing to do; maybe part of that whole soccer-mom
    culture. Unfortunately, the only thing they demonstrate is that the person
    behind the wheel is a clueless, gullible, misguided, nitwit.

    If foreign invaders landed on our soil, as we have done in Iraq, I would be
    the first one to take up arms and repel them. (I suppose that would make me
    an 'insurgent' by OUR logic.) This, and other aggressive governments have
    always done their utmost to make it APPEAR as if committing yourself to kill
    in feuds on distant shores that have nothing to do with the welfare of the
    citizenry is somehow patriotic.

    It is not.

    Enlisting in the armed forces, in the absence of a real and impending
    foreign threat, is no different that hiring yourself as a paid assassin . .
    the only difference is, you're not getting paid enough. But let's take a
    realistic look at exactly WHO joins up in an all-volunteer army.

    The first group are those who join (during peacetime) for the benefits: to
    get an education, or because it seems a reasonable career path. Consider
    carefully! Realize that you are gambling with your humanity. Once you sign
    that form, you sign away your right to say: "No, that is an atrocity." You
    put your abilities, including the ability to kill, at the disposal of proven
    liars, psychopaths . . . enemies of humanity. Do you think that every German
    soldier in World War II who helped load Jews into cattle cars was a
    cold-blooded killer? Most were poor kids, just like you, who got caught up
    in the patriotic frenzy. Once you're in, you're IN. You lose the ability to
    stop killing until they tell you so. This not only makes you less than
    human, it makes you less than an animal, for even the animals retain their
    freedom of self determination.

    The second group are the simple minded, who fall for patriotic entreaties
    about defending democracy, Mom, apple pie; in other words, all the
    traditional government propaganda. Do you think Soviet lads subjugated their
    neighbors throughout the world because they thought the Soviet Union was an
    EVIL empire? No, they were fighting for MOM, and whatever passes for apple
    pie in Russia. Step back and examine the lies your government is handing
    you, and ask yourself if they have the ring of truth. Do you want to be one
    of the murderers in uniform who opened up on their fellow citizens at Kent
    State? When you put on that uniform, you give up all autonomy, and become
    nothing more than a weapon, to be used for whatever evil purposes the
    scoundrels in government demand (and, if you look carefully, you will
    discover that the only interests THEY serve are those of the big businesses
    that own them.)

    Finally, you have the hard-core psychopaths. These are the people who WANT
    to kill. Murder, torture, rape; THESE are the American values upon which
    THIS group is focused. The cause doesn't matter, they're after the thrill
    that only warfare can provide.

    Just remember: killing for George W. Bush, or for George H.W. Bush, or for
    Lyndon B. Johnson, or for Richard M. Nixon is not the same as defending
    yourself, your family, your friends, or your country. Don't be a dupe. Don't

    Remember -- supporting the troops means supporting Bush aggression,
    profiteering, and war crimes. Here's an idea: why not take those ribbons,
    dip them in blood, and mail them to the White House?

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    Re: Yellow Ribbons

    yup, that's it in a nutshell. Brutal logic and stronge language is required at this time, I believe, and maybe it's a desperate measure but the author of that e-mail sounds desperatley frustrated, frightened and angry. As I am.
    And BTW-N.Orleans current situation is ALSO a manmade problem for the most part. And the African americans, once again are suffering the worst of it. All could have been avoided with less development of the wetlands and frankly, this is an area of the country where a large population should not be. There was significant warnings about this happening.I did a piece on this potential problem LAST YEAR. Everything that is happening now was spelled out in detail and lives could have easily been saved. what the f---k.Thanks, Steve.

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    Re: Yellow Ribbons

    If Mr. Bush hadn't started a war he might have had the budget to protect his citizens by funding the strenghtening of dikes (instead of cutting it). Maybe the military would've had been there earlier if they weren't so busy trying to stir up a civil war in Iraq.

    And still 36% of American voters have faith in this man?

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