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Topic: GPO-Sonar Tutorial---Where is GPO-Tutorial.mid?

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    GPO-Sonar Tutorial---Where is GPO-Tutorial.mid?

    I tried using the GPO-Sonar tutorial. The first action it lists is to import a MIDI file named GPO-Tutorial.mid. (Direct quote from tutorial--"Locate the file GPO-Tutorial.mid and open it".)

    I searched my HD, and could not find such a file. Was it supposed to be installed with GPO? If it is a file created especially for that Sonar-GPO tutorial, shouldn't the author have included a link to download it? Perhaps I missed something, but I haven't seen such a link.

    Anyone know where this file exists?

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    Re: GPO-Sonar Tutorial---Where is GPO-Tutorial.mid?

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    Re: GPO-Sonar Tutorial---Where is GPO-Tutorial.mid?


    For future use:

    Most of the tutorials out there contain links to the referenced midi and audio files within the tutorial page itself. You can download them by right-clicking on the link (in Windows, at least).

    I usually download the tutorials at work and then read them at home, so I just create a new folder named after the tutorial and download the midi and mp3 files into it.


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