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Topic: Can GS3 capture audio at 88.2?

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    Can GS3 capture audio at 88.2?

    I'm using SONAR4 with the latest version of GigaStudio 3. I have a project that was recorded at 88.2 that needs the MIDI parts converted to audio. Capture would be my preference. Whenever I try to capture Holy Grail audio, GS3 creates what sound like 44.1 files (chipmonk sounds). For an audio card, I'm also using a MOTU Traveler that receives external wordclock.

    All the settings say 88.2 (SONAR ASIO, Traveler, GS3).

    I have NOT yet converted my Holy Grail piano to GS3. I've seen some posts suggesting that but I need to learn how to do it. I'm still new to GS3.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Can GS3 capture audio at 88.2?

    No takers eh? I still didn't find a solution so I bailed from 88.2-land and went back to 44.1, licking my wounds. All works great at 44.1.

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