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Topic: Sound designer job

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    Sound designer job

    News & Music here.

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    Re: Sound designer job

    Isn't any one interested ? Gosh I'm in deep sh*t
    News & Music here.

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    Re: Sound designer job

    I appreciate the link - definitely. But I'm not interested in pursuing a career in doing music for cellphones, etc. at this point.

    So, thanks! But no thanks!

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    Re: Sound designer job

    Quote Originally Posted by Nino Mojo
    Isn't any one interested ? Gosh I'm in deep sh*t
    Why don't you go for it? You seem to be involved with Gameloft already in the past?!

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    Question Re: Sound designer job

    It sure seems like I've seen this same position (at Gameloft) advertised several times over the last few years. I wonder if they just can't keep the position filled for some reason, or if they're growing so much that they keep adding more and more audio staff? If it's a case of them not being able to keep the same position filled, I wonder why that is?
    Todd Kinsley
    Sound Designer


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    Re: Sound designer job

    I don't think I'd be moving to NY just to compose ring tones...
    Eric E. Hache
    Game Music Composer

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    Re: Sound designer job

    Why are you posting a position for a sound designer to a group of composers?

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    Re: Sound designer job

    The position as part of "sound designer" also required composition of material for the games. But yes, the position should really be advertised as composer/sound designer.
    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: Sound designer job

    Actually I'm the one hiring I'm the manager of everything sound related at Gameloft.

    The position has been listed since last year, unfortunately it was a mistake and at that time the studio in NYC wasn't ready to welcome a composer/sound designer. Now it is, and with a number or original games created in this studio, we need someone in-house to compose music and make sound effects.

    I hope this solves the mystery
    News & Music here.

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    Re: Sound designer job

    Is experience creating sound design and music for phones mandatory for the position?
    Todd Kinsley
    Sound Designer


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