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Topic: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

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    New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    Dear Readers I just saw a post at the tascam site.

    One of the readers were concernced about the new Itanium 64 Bit chip thats coming out next year.

    The adressed that no 32 bit hardware will support the new 64 bit processor, therefore all your existing 32 bit gear is thus not going to work, therefore buying a soundcard now is a waste of money if you want the new 64Bit processor.

    Is this true? I personally do not believe it is. I believe that the 32Bit will be supported under the new 64 Bit Processor.

    I checked at Intel and this is what they say about the 64 Bit Itanium:

    \"Itanium processors will provide support across the design enterprise. Users will be assured that their investment in 32-bit applications and data is protected, thus protecting their investment and reducing total cost of ownership.\"

    Doesnt this mean that your old 32 bit gear will be supported with the 64 bit platform, otherwise many people will have all this 32 bit gear as museum pieces.

    Anyone share some light on this?
    Its dark in here!


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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    I was wondering the same thing , if 32 bit hardware will be supported.
    I posted the question on the tascam form but know one has answered.
    All I can say that I know from what I have read is that the itanium will be optimized for 64 bit software ,and will still run 32 bit software[but not even as well as a pentium 4].
    It will run 32 bit software but sinse its optimized for 64 bit it wont run the 32 bit software at a optimal level.

    AMD has a competing processor called the sledgehammer that is more backward compatable and will run 32 and 64 equally well .
    Although the 64 bit capability of the slegehammer potentially wont run as well as the Itanium.
    AMD had to make some compremises in performance in the 64 bit realm in order to continue to support 32 bit.

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    But anyway aside from software support the question remains , does anyone know if the Itanium will support 32 bit hardware?
    Are the going to stay with PCI slots or some other kind Like all AGP?

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    First of all, the change to 64-bit won\'t happen overnight. And I think they\'ll still be able to support 32-bit devices - afterall Intel have been working on a new PCI standard for some time - I don\'t remember the name, but the standard retains backward compatibility with 32-bit PCI cards, while moving ahead to 64-bit as well. You can make motherboards with both types of PCI slots. AGP is a standard that will only work with one device, so we can rule that one out too.

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    When the shift from ISA to PCI hardware cards happened, ISA cards were supported for many many years. I suspect the same will be true with any new hardware standard. Intel & Microsoft both are usually pretty concerned with maintaining backwards compatibility, at least to some degree.

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    Very Interesting

    I agree on backward compatibility, the question just is how well these 32bit apps in software will run on the PC?

    Also If I foresay used a Delta 1010 (32bit) and the Itanium 64 bit came out, I would have to stay with the 32 Bit Xp drivers right? Only if Delta 1010 was made for 64 bit could I use the 64 Bit XP OS?

    This is a very interesting topic, as I plan to spend valuable resources to purchase and upgrade to my studio, but am a little puzzled on whether I sould wait till Soundcards will become 64 Bit ready, just sticking to what I have for now, and am happy with what I have, just running out of Ram and cannot upgrade more...

    Thanks for the input, Its lighter in here now!


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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    Caveman, my personal opinion is that I wouldn\'t worry about the whole 64-bit thing when purchasing stuff right now. By the time it gets to be mainstream, you will probably want to upgrade your stuff for some other reason anyway.

    It is going to take a while before the 64-bit stuff really gets going. I would suspect it will take a few years minimum. Then again, I\'m the guy who said the Internet would never take off, so take my advice as you will....

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    Here\'s my point on what I said on the Tascam board when I brought up the topic of 64 bit machines....

    If you already own a 32 bit card, and even perhaps are still running win98se with Giga...CONSIDER leaving your system as it is with no xp or giga 2.5 update (your system does work fine now doesn\'t it??) until the Itaniums and Clawhammers hit the market next summer.

    Why? Because the world of audio and video will take a quantum leap in performance when those machines hit....new 64 bit cards will be released, new versions of all software (including Giga) will be released for 64 bit....yes, new technology happens all the time ..BUT, we are in a transition now that is sort of like last year when so many people ditched win98se to buy ME (ha ha ha..wasn\'t necessary) instead of waiting 12 more months for XP. Now..XP is here, Giga 2.5 is about here etc...but none of it is quite necessary yet. So..why not just WAIT a few more months for the 64 bit machines and 64 bit Win XP (which already is in beta) to hit the market RATHER than spending a bunch of headaches and time trying to tweak your 32 bit cards for Giga 2.5 and winxp/2000 drivers...a complete system you are guaranteed to not want any part of this time next year.

    Yes, you can probably use your existing 32 bit card on the new 64 bit machines when they hit...but will you really want to do that when the time comes? Doubt it. You\'ll want to sell the 32 bit card and buy a 64 bit card to gain all the incredible performance, features, and throughput that will come with the new machines. So, slow down, relax, wait a little longer to upgrade.

    Again, if you have a working system and you have not yet moved to WinXp, and have not yet found appropriate bug free drivers for your existing card, my opinion is to just keep your system running in whatever configuration it\'s in right now...and don\'t get so concerned with migrating to this intermediate, 32 bit WinXp/Giga 2.5 level.

    I\'ve been building systems since way back in the 286 days. This isn\'t like the difference between a P-Pii-Piii-Piv...we\'re about to hit a gargantuan leap. Save your money and headaches till next year...go make music with what you\'ve already got. That\'s what I plan to do.

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    There\'s absolutely no reason to consider Itanium 64 bit at this time for so many reasons it\'s hard to know where to start.

    1. The highest resolution of any sound card is 24 bit. The reality is that 24 bits is greater than the resolution of the human ear. Can anyone truly say their ears can hear a dynamic range of 144 dB? Admittedly in processing rounding errors will occur with 32 bit fixed point processing, but floating point processing has essentially ended that argument. I am aware of arguments against 32 bit floating point processing, but the differences are minimal.

    2. Itanium is a joke. It\'s first generation product with no application support. There isn\'t even a supported operating system, both Windows 64 and Linux 64 are Betas. When the 2nd generation is released the only applications to support it will be enterprise applications such as database, web, security and technical. It\'ll be at least 5 years before there are consumer applications on the 64 bit Intel platform.

    I\'ve heard that running 32 bit applications on Itanium reduces a performance. You\'re better off planning for a P4 or Athlon for the next few years. There will be no hardware support on Itanium for a long time, when there is there will also be a lengthy transition.

    What you guys may not know is that UNIX systems have been 64 bit for about a decade. The only reason Intel and Micro$oft are moving to the 64 bit platform is they want a piece of the lucrative enterprise market. As newcomers to the field they are going to have a tough time of it as they have little credibility. 64 bit will only make its way into the consumer realm when it\'s more expensive to keep the 32 bit stuff in production. The way I see it that\'s at least 5 years off.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: New itanium 64 bit Processor from Intel!!

    Persoanlly I would be *SHOCKED* if 64-bit machines were mainstream or affordable any time soon.

    WinXP is only going to be an \"interim\" solution if you consider 2 or 3 years to be an \"interim\" period.

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