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Topic: System Compatability: Synthogy Ilio's Ivory for Windows

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    Question System Compatability: Synthogy Ilio's Ivory for Windows

    Will my computer keep up with Synthogy for windows? This will be my first ever experience with MIDI and computers, so I’m not sure.


    Processor: 3.0 Gigahertz Processor (Side Bus: 533 Mhz)

    Chipset: Intel 845G

    Memory: 2 Gb of DDR 266/200

    Hard Drive: 80 gig (Ultra ATA/100)

    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX

    1. My Motherboard doesn’t support Serial ATA (1.5gb/s), will Ultra ATA/100 suffice?

    2. What should I use to run Synthogy? Is V-stack a good choice? I don’t want to record, edit, or anything else.

    3. Is there a better quality sound card out there with just a midi port and very few inputs/outputs? I don’t need a plethora of inputs & outputs.

    4. What else should I upgrade?

    My goal is to play classical music (e.g. Rachmaninov, Beethoven) in real time without latency.

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    Re: System Compatability: Synthogy Ilio's Ivory for Windows

    I can't answer all your questions but I will venture a guess that your computer should probably rock with Ivory.

    I am sure you can send an email though through Synthogy or ILIO to get a proper response for all these questions though.

    I use an older Mac (G4 1.25) and it does just fine.

    For me Ivory is the best piano I have ever used.

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