I have been very nervous for the last 4 months playing a custom built rig. I was in pre-production for 6 weeks, and just played my first live gig, i.e. opening acts, multiple sound checks, etc. It was awesome. Everyone was asking what Sequencer I was using. I took that as a compliment. When I said GS3/Scope, the response was ," Oh,,yeah...I've heard those before. I think not. We recorded out of the FOH board into a DAT. Thats when I started thinking what a great investment I made. The GS3 samples sounded so right, and the Scope B2003 emulation through a rotary cabinet ( Pro3T ) was so close to my old Hammond sound ( R.I.P. ) that I am glad I made the transition. For this is my last tour with current management. So you can imagine what it would be like trying to set up my old rather large hardware set up with no crew. Fahgettabowdit. If I'm destined to play small venues from now on, I'll be happy to know I have a great sounding rig that I can carry by myself. The only hardware I'm using is the outboard Lexicon FX, and Oberheim Xpander. Not once did it hiccup, crash, or even get hot for that matter. Am I the only lucky one? I read alot of positive things on this forum and it has been a great help to me. i.e. Jon F. Long live N.S.S. forum.