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Topic: My first work using GPO

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    My first work using GPO

    Though it is not complete, here is my first GPO piece. It is based on a ballad that I wrote last winter. The percussion is not finished and I am still tweaking volumes and phrasing.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated. The tutorials on this site have been very helpful and I am grateful to those of you who have taken the time to prepare them.

    Here's the link and I hope it works:




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    Re: My first work using GPO

    Hi Richard, Congratulations on posting your first GPO piece!

    Welcome to the forum!

    Here are just a few pointers that I can offer, one nice thing about advice, you can take it or leave it LOL!
    I would recommmend using some more reverb, and if you have a DAW (digital audio workstation) you could use the piano roll to improve the legato strings by slightly overlapping the notes. Also you could try to vary the dynamics of the various instruments with the mod wheel. It does sound like this was done in notation, so mod wheel data would have to be drawn in. I am not familiar with notation software at all, sorry.

    Just my immediate thoughts. I do realize you said that you are not done with it, but keep it going!

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    Re: My first work using GPO

    I like the variety of textures you used. Very nice melodies as well!

    Adding in just a little reverb and some mod wheel data, especially when an instrument is playing the melody at the forefront, would add a lot. If you're using Overture (which is what I use) you can draw in mod wheel data very easily under the "graphics window".

    You have a lot of great things in this piece, I look forward to hearing more as you continue working on it.
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    Re: My first work using GPO

    Thanks for these comments. I have actually done quite a bit with the mod wheel but, I guess I don't quite get it. The volumes of the instruments in the GPO players are not always where I expect them. I use Finale 2002 for the initial writing and than I port the midi file to Tracktion 2 to tweak cc1 and velocity.

    As I said, I am new at this and am not quite sure where to make my first adjustments. I.E. Should I set each instruments volume setting in a GPO player to say -6 Db or should I leave the default volume (sometimes as low as -20 Db) and make all the adjustments with Mod Wheel levels.

    At any rate, I'm learning and I appreciate all the comments. I'm not new to music (taught it for 31 years) just new to GPO. What I have experienced so far is nothing short of owning my own orchestra (it just needs a little fine tuning!).


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    Re: My first work using GPO

    I found this piece kind of addicting..

    I really like the opening loop.. (how was it done?), it's mesmerizing… and I find it interesting you were able to incorporate it into a melody.

    .. I have no answers for you regarding your questions of GPO and it's inner workings/ volume settings. The various demo posts, comment on the use of several overlapping sections of the same voice, but staggered/offset to create a smoother blend.

    … I'll have to practice that myself.

    Either way., congratulations on your first GPO..!



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    Re: My first work using GPO

    Hi Dick,

    I think it is a good work - glad your my brother! Now, how do I post a song here?

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    Re: My first work using GPO

    To my brother, Thanks for the support. Get on the sight soundclick.com and upload there. Than link it to a post here. That's how I did it.


    Thanks for the kind remarks. The opening loop is a canon that I developed from the melody which was written first. Then I took the canon and inverted and retrograde it to develop the intro. I then added strings to do a moving background part to push the intro into the melody. I hope that makes sense.


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    Thumbs up Re:Bitter Sweet...

    Hi Rich,

    I dived deep down in the archive and found this:

    "Bitter Sweet"

    I like it, it has a genuine feeling to it!

    I was at first searching for your first piece for gpo, but couldn't find it, so I chose another of your earlier pieces instead, which really was bitter sweet!


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    Re: My first work using GPO

    Wow, I almost forgot about this one. It was made at the suggestion of one of the other members of this forum. He had a competition challenge for the word bittersweet. Mine was too much sweet.
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