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Topic: Garritan Library License

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    Garritan Library License

    As I was pre-ordering the JABB I took a moment to review the license, and it struck me as exceptionally clear, concise, and fair. I remember thinking this same thought when I purchased GPO, but I don't think I took the time then to comment, and thank Gary and company.

    It is unusual, to say the least, to be able to read a software license these days... actually understanding them is even rarer. (I can really think of only one other, and even it has started to grow.)

    I think this is a nice change of pace, and I really wish other developers would take notice!



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    Re: Garritan Library License

    yes, i liked the GPO license very much, and the genaral attitue of gary, too!

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    Re: Garritan Library License

    Where can I find this information online?

    It occurs to me that I've never actually read the GPO liscense.

    Do your part for world peace!

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