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Topic: QuickTime with Giga/Cubase

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    QuickTime with Giga/Cubase

    A client insists on using Apple's QuickTime while editing a soundtrack project. He wants us to install QuickTime on the same computer on which we run GigaStudio3.1 and Cubase. We try to keep that computer as "clean" as possible and generally refrain from installing other programs on it -- but we also want to keep our client happy.

    Does anyone predict problems or conflicts if we install QuickTime on our system? Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to offer? (Obviously, we will back-up all files and burn a new system-restore disk before loading any new software.) We're concerned over the possibility that QuickTime would "hijack" resources that are required by Giga and/or Cubase, or that it will modify other system settings that would compromise performance of Giga and/or Cubase.

    Also, should we load the version of QuickTime that came bundled with Cubase? (Is it specially tweaked for optimal integration with Cubase?) Or should we download the latest version of Quicktime from Apple's web site?

    Here are our sysyem specs:
    Intel D925XCV (200MHz bus clock), BIOS date 08/19/2004
    3.2 GHz Pentium 4 w/ 16 KB primary, 1 MB secondary cache
    2 GB memory (4 x 512 MB)
    Windows XP Pro, SP2 (Build 2600), tweaked (mostly) as per http://www.musicxp.net/tuning_tips.php)
    One 120GB Seagate 7200rpm Barracuda SATA drive
    (partitioned c=20 GB, D=100 GB) as Drive 0, FAT 32
    Two 160 GB Seagate SATA drives configured in RAID-0 as Drive 1, NTFS (total 320 GB)
    LaCie 400GB external USB-2 drive (file storage only)
    NEC ND-3500AG DVD-RW
    Frontier Dakota PCI audio card
    Frontier Montana expansion card (for Dakota)
    Frontier Sierra external MIDI/SMPTE expansion board
    RME ADI-8 DS external A/D-D/A converter
    2 Radeon X300 display adapters
    2 Princeton VL1716(ANA) 17” monitors

    Netgear USB wireless network adapter
    Thanks for any input!

    justin thyme

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    Re: QuickTime with Giga/Cubase

    Just because he gives you a Q/T doesn't mean that you have to use it! I would first of all consider Q/T Alternative as you can then use Direct Show, which is much better on PC than that dreadfully flakey Q/T. Secondly you could convert it (using RAD Video Tools) to an AVI which will almost certainly be the best option. Do a few checks before he gets there as you may not even have to install QT.


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    Re: QuickTime with Giga/Cubase

    Just image the drive in a working state before installing QT. That way if QT messes anything up, you're cool... just restore the working image.

    - G

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