Since laptops are hindered (amongst many other things) by slow hard drives, I\'m thinking an external 7200 rpm FireWire drive for audio, keeping the internal one for the applications. What do you think? FireWire, in terms of data transference is theoretically faster than SCSI (it is supposedly capable of 50mb/second, right?), and if the drive is good (fast seek and large cache), and the drivers robust, it looks like it should be like getting desktop performance from a drive you can take to the beach: a good solution to slow laptop drives cutting down our polyphony. can you envisage Giga streaming 160 voices over a FireWire cable???

I\'m not a tech, by the way, and may well be talking rubbish -- so go ahead and set me straight.

Here\'s a laptop situation I imagine could work well for running Logic Audio and GigaStudio simultaneously. opinions please!:

- A really big 7200 rpm FireWire drive (can anyone recommend one with robust drivers for streaming audio?)

- Hammerfall DSP Interface: CardBus (PCMCIA type II) + DIGIFACE

- Er…. A good laptop. (what do you think of the specs I spotted the other day from AHTEC - see below -)

It would be really great if someone could lay down a list of the determining factors in a laptop for running GigaStudio + sequencer: chipset, motherboard, crappy power-saving functions that make a lot of laptops useless (CPU turns itself off whenever it likes!), type of ram, built-in graphics cards that free up the CPU and ram properly, etc…

---- SPRINT 4600 Laptop Specs ( ----
o 1 GHz Intel Pentium III-M (Speedstep) 512Kb cache
o Chipset: Intel (R) 830MP (Amador)
o 1024MB SDRAM (yup, it\'ll hold a Gb of RAM in two SO-DIMM sockets)
o HD: 33/66/100 UMDA 40GB 2.5\" (4500 rpm)
o CDR-DVD Combo
o Graphics: ATI Radeon M6-P with 32MB AGP 4x
o PCMCIA: 2x Typ2 or 1x Typ3
o IEEE1394: Firewire
o Built-in SPDIF output