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Topic: Question about GPO samples

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    Question about GPO samples

    Hi everybody!

    I know that I don't post much. I'm still learning the ropes of orchestration, MIDI, etc.

    Anyway, I have fallen in love with Reason 3.0. It is the most stable, reliable and CPU-friendly software out there. After getting used to it's virtual rack interface, I can't go back to buggy or CPU-hoggish music software.

    I wan't to make a Reason Refill out of GPO samples (personal use only, nothing illegal). Has any of you ever attempted such a thing?

    As you may know, Reason does not support third party plugins (VST, Dxi). And Reason doesn't seem to recognize whatever the GPO format happens to be (???)

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Re: Question about GPO samples

    Hi SWardle,
    I know there's a tool for converting sampler formats into another. It's called Chicken Systems Translator. There is a section for it in this forums. In their website, it says it can convert from Kontakt to Reason's NN XT sampler, but with some limitations. This is from their page:

    NI Kontakt to Propellerhead Reason NN XT

    Status: Implemented in the current version of Translator.
    This translation is only available on the Windows version; it will be available on the Mac version shortly.

    KeySwitching and Release Trigger Support
    This destination format does not support keyswitching, which is a function where pressing a non-sounding key (or a Patch Select in the case of Ensoniq) instructs the sampler engine to switch what samples play on what key. This source format supports it.

    Translator will take each keyswitch variation and make a seperate instrument out of it.

    Likewise, although this source format supports other similar features such as release trigger samples, samples manipulated by the sustain pedal, etc., this destination does not, and thus are omitted from the destination format. This is insures at least a playable converted file.

    I think it lacks some the main features of GPO, so it won't work as in the GPO player.

    Anyway, even if GPO uses Kontakt format, I think I readed somewhere, long time ago, it wasn't possible to translate the GPO's samples, but I can't remeber why. I think it was something with a kind of encryptation, but don't trust me on this, cause I'm not sure.

    I have been a Reason user since the 1.0 version. It is a very productive tool, but it's not the best. After months of use, I started missing lots of features. Think of convolution reverbs, high quality EQ's, and a lot of other cool FX's, not to mention synths. Version 3.0 is ok, but... If you're into orchestral music, or want to add orchestral sounds, I think the best way to go is a sequencer (Cubase, Digital Performer, Sonar, Logic, Tracktion...) and GPO! This is the way I'm going to go.

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    Re: Question about GPO samples

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    Why don't you do like I do and rewire reason with you sequencer and use GPO that way. Does the cubase that comes with GPO do rewire? I use Sonar 4 with Reason 3 and get the best of both worlds.

    Tracktion (which is also a very cpu friendly DAW), also does rewire.
    I LOVE IT.

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    Re: Question about GPO samples

    Hi guys.

    Appreciate your replies. I am aware of Rewire and its possibilities. I have Cakewalk HS 2004xl and considering Sonar HS4.

    But since switching to Reason, I never have to worry about CPU sluggishness, MIDI/audio latency and other things that plague other software packages. Even GPO's Kontact Player (among the best of VST/DXi plug-ins) pales in comparison when it comes to performance.

    Reason is just a superior platform, IMO.

    Anyway, I will probably end up recording GPO samples, licks, ideas, etc. into .wav files and make my own refills. I was hoping there might be an easier way to do this.



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